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Panda Antivirus for Exchange Server


Panda Antivirus for Exchange Server scans and disinfects all inbound and outbound corporate e-mail traffic in real-time, integrating seamlessly with all enterprise networks.
Optimized in-memory scanning, combined with content filtering and its heuristic scan engine, make Panda Antivirus for Exchange Server the most complete antivirus for Microsoft groupware servers.

Key Features

  • Thorough content filtering for preventive blocking of unknown viruses in inbound and outbound e-mail traffic.
  • Optimized in-memory scanning and disinfection of viruses from the public and private folders, the Internet Mail Connector (SMTP) and HTTP, MAPI, POP3 and IMAP protocols.
  • Seamless integration with Exchange environments using VS-API 2.0 and MAPI technology.
  • High scalability and availability for large enterprise environments.
  • Centralized and remote administration simultaneously in multiple servers across LANs and WANs.
  • Completely automatic daily updates of the virus signature databases.
  • Customized virus incident warnings and filtering notifications, with detailed consolidated logs.

Thorough content filtering for preventive blocking.
Panda Antivirus for Exchange Server prevents infections from spreading either inside or outside the company. To achieve this, it blocks and detects unknown viruses by combining heuristic scanning (including three sensitivity levels) for scripts, Win32, Macro, and MS-DOS file formats with content filtering by subject, attachment name and/or file extensions: keeping threats at bay without interfering with server communications.

In-memory scanning for optimized performance.
Panda Software's VirtualFile technology scans all files in memory (even compressed files) much faster than other antiviruses, which copy them completely to hard disk. Panda Antivirus for Exchange scans and disinfects viruses from the Public and Private Folders, the Internet Mail Connector (SMTP), HTTP, MAPI, POP3, and IMAP protocols.

Seamless integration with Exchange environments
Panda Antivirus for Exchange Server integrates seamlessly with the Exchange platform by using the Virus Scanning API 2.0 technology. It is also fully cluster-aware, providing high performance and complete reliability.

High scalability and availability.
With Panda Administrator 2.5, network administrators can use multiple server profiles for (remote) management and updating of Exchange Servers via remote WAN connections.

Centralized and remote administration.
Panda Antivirus for Exchange Server is managed remotely and centrally, through a single interface. Thanks to Panda Administrator, the antivirus is installed, configured, updated and monitored in multiple servers in LANs and WANs, at the same time. This is a major difference from other antiviruses, which need physical access to the console in order to be installed and managed or can only be managed remotely one by one.

Completely automatic daily updates.
At least once a day, Panda Antivirus for Exchange Server updates itself automatically and transparently, without user intervention. These daily updates are carried out incrementally, only downloading protection against viruses that have appeared since the last update.

Customized virus incident warnings and filtering notifications.
Complete disinfection and filtering real-time alert message system, totally configurable, along with detailed consolidated logs for subsequent statistical analysis and management.

Version: 7.0


October 23, 2002


Win 2000/XP

Interface languages:

Panda Software

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    waris khan wrote:
    i want to anti virus for server this is my request i think u r company is understand me

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