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Disruptor OL


Disruptor OL is a COM add-in for Outlook 2000/XP. Right after the installation and next start of Outlook you get a powerful spam filter with impressive results. If one message is missed, it's easy to check why. And even more easy to see, what settings would have caught this message and to turn this option on.

And everything is only one click away, fully integrated into Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 (resp. Outlook XP) and even the beta "Outlook 11" with simple, fresh and clear dialogs.


  • powerful hit- or score-based Spam processing;
  • Whitelist, Blacklist, Auto-Whitelist;
  • powerful Spam Detectors;
  • ealtime blackhole lists (DNSBLs);
  • simple Word filters;
  • regular expressions with super-easy Expression Builder;
  • BLAST-Filter yet another Bayesian Believe Filter incarnation;
  • language filter;
  • Score Rating System;
  • Message Security;
  • Remove hidden links to external images, scripts, etc.;
  • Remove clickable links;
  • Convert RTF and HTML to Text;
  • delete, export and secure potential dangerous attachments (even the blocked attachments!);
  • Dupe Checking (filter duplicate messages);
  • FAST, no message fetching delay;
  • Organize incoming Spam;
  • works with all types of mailboxes (Pop3, IMAP, Exchange, whatever Outlook can do);
  • fully integrated into Outlook 2000, 2002 (resp. Outlook XP);
  • easy configuration. No extra configuration, just one click. No additional application to start, instantly multi-account enabled, easy maintaining.
  • customizable toolbars. Control what you need, what buttons you want to see and your style of usage.
  • easy diagnostic. Quickly answer the questions: Why is this message marked as Spam? Why is this message NOT marked as Spam? What setting is needed to mark this as Spam in the future?
  • etc...

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