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Athosfax Server & Client


Athosfax is a powerful, multi-user, multi-line, software package that allows all the users of a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN / WAN) to easily access the fax world directly from their workstations, sharing fax lines and using the advanced services provided by the Fax Server. Multiple servers can be configured in a LAN

Athosfax is a professional product expressly designed for office environments. Its main goal is to get over all the time wasting procedures connected with the manual handling of fax messages. Its high integration with other office software packages and with MAPI compliant E-mail applications makes it an effective, valuable tool that definitely improves productivity, enhances quality and reduces costs in every organization.

All the operations involved in the handling of fax messages (preparing, sending, monitoring, receiving, viewing, forwarding, managing, printing, saving, archiving) are worked out with a few mouse clicks. System management, security, traffic visibility and cost control are integral functions of Athosfax.

The system architecture is highly effective and flexible: Athosfax is independent from the network OS and topology, only the network protocol (TCP/IP, Netbeui) is used. Direct support to TCP/IP, together with multi-server capability, makes Athosfax particularly suitable for Internet/Intranet configurations. The Fax Server is a true store & forward system, common resourses are concentrated in the Fax Server and are accessible from any local or remote workstation.

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