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BitDefender for MS Exchange 2000


AntiVirus Scanning and Cleaning
Real time scanning of attachments and message bodies, without slowing down e-mail traffic. BitDefender for MS Exchange 2000 ensures 100% detection rate for all viruses in circulation through its powerful scanning engines from BitDefender Professional, certified by certified by ICSA Labs, Checkmark and Virus Bulletin.

NEW! Antispam filtering
For complete protection an advanced spam filtering solution is integrated in the BitDefender for MS Exchange 2000. It incorporates seven different filters: IPmatch, Keyword filter, White list, Black list, Charset filter, URL filter and Heuristic filter.

Update pushing
BitDefender for MS Exchange 2000 can be configured to initiate an update upon receipt of a specially crafted "update announcement" message from BitDefender Labs (subscription service).

NEW! Detailed Reports and Statistics
BitDefender for MS Exchange 2000 comes with a separate reports module which provides daily, weekly or monthly statistics organized by categories. The reports can be generated and viewed in the administration console.

Intelligent Signature Update
Enables automatic update of virus definitions, without user intervention, directly from the BitDefender servers or from approved mirror sites. Thus, server traffic protection is kept up-to-date, ensuring a swift and effective reaction.

Blocks Infected Messages
Filters and blocks messages if attachment or message body include a virus, Trojan, backdoor or other potentially dangerous active code. Blocks infected files regardless of the archive or compression type.

Optimized Scanning
E-mail messages with multiple recipients are filtered only once, before delivery, and not every single recipient.

Extended Protection
Antivirus protection for recently created mail boxes.

Pro-active Scanning
A new scan process for e-mail messages enables prioritizing according to delivery requests from the e-mail client.

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