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PocketMirror Standard


With PocketMirror Standard software, take Outlook� information anywhere you go. Easily keep track of where you need to be and what you need to be doing. Quickly look up a phone number or a note you recorded on your handheld during a meeting. Update either one on the spot and sync it with Outlook when you get back to your PC.
PocketMirror Standard is for you if you want to synchronize just the essentials to keep you organized, up-to-date, and on schedule. It does not synchronize e-mail.
Designed exclusively for Microsoft Outlook and handheld devices running the Palm operating system Easy installation with no configuration required Simple, one-button synchronization is quick and keeps information accurate and current Allows multiple handhelds to synchronize to the same Outlook profile, so any group may view or change the most current data �Quick Sync Setup� lets you quickly customize settings for all conduits Includes a synchronization Progress Monitor option Supports offline folder synchronization Supports any combination of phone number types Draw attention to appointments with attendees in Outlook by using flags on the handheld
Full e-mail addresses can be transferred to the handheld instead of just the display name Outlook Security Patch aware. No need to approve access to your Outlook information. Save deleted items in an Archive file in Outlook Supports synchronizing to the same Exchange Server folders from any PC connected to the server Maintains formats of phone number listings for contacts Supports handheld and Outlook categories Standard defaults with flexibility in �file as� for contacts Handles differences in features between handheld and Outlook Outlook toolbar shortcut for Chapura settings Palm Desktop Backup and Restore Filter private items to keep them private Allows Journaling for Outlook Contacts Sync once every �n� days

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  • This program is not available for download.
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  • User Opinions
    Vic 0 stars June 3, 2005
    I agree we already paid for the disc & just because we lost it we have to pay again. I will remeber this company around the holidays!
    Patrick 0 stars April 29, 2005
    I agree, I brought my palm out of starage and cant find the CD. Teh software came with the unit and shoul dbe avaialable for download. Can you say Money Grab !!
    Darrell 0 stars April 25, 2005
    I agree with Wilson. The inability to download this software is a serious compromise of usability. The software is useless without the device. If you have the device, you should have every right to obtain the originally-issued software.
    Ronald 3 stars April 22, 2005
    It comes free with Palm. I got a new computer and now I have to pay for it!!!
    Wilson 1 stars March 29, 2005
    When I got my Palm I've received a CD with PocketMirror, I've just lost this media. I can not believe I can not download the software.
    bill 1 stars February 21, 2005
    this sux, pocketmirror used to be free now its not, chapura sux ill never buy anything from them again
    ken 0 stars May 10, 2004
    good software
    Helen 5 stars January 20, 2004
    I heard the software is very useful to hotsync Palm to Outlook. Helen
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