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POP2Exchange is an e-mail routing utility that collects messages from an unlimited number of POP3 accounts and routes them to your mail server i.e. Exchange Server.


  • automatic mail checking with adjustable time interval and definable exclusion of weekdays
  • easy use of dial up (RAS) connections
  • mail checking of all inbound mails with standard virus checker i.e. Norton Antivirus
  • mail forwarding without attachments possible (i.e. for SMS messages)
  • will also run as service without any user being logged on

Works with:

  • every version of Exchange Server including Small Business Server and 2000
  • Dial-up, dial-up routers, ADSL and leased-line connections to the Internet
  • Any SMTP server like Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise
  • Proxy servers that support the SOCKS protocol like WinGate or MS Proxy


  • No need for a static IP address, because it works with dynamic IP addresses
  • No need to configure ETRN and DNS which Exchange server normally requires
  • Runs as a service on NT or Windows 2000
  • Scans inbound messages for viruses
  • Leaves the messages on the server if desired
  • Forwards messages to one or more alternate e-mail address

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