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Authentica Secure Gateway


Authentica Secure Gateway is a highly flexible software product that automatically protects outgoing e-mail, documents and files without any changes to your internal e-mail workflow or extra steps or training for users. It is the first e-mail security software that combines easy-to-use e-mail encryption with a universal interface to all leading content scanning products, including those from Trend Micro, SurfControl, MailMarshal, Tumbleweed and Clearswift. Content is scanned, encrypted and protected in one seamless process.
With Authentica Secure Gateway, you are always assured that your valuable messages and files are secure in accordance with your organization's written content security policies.
Authentica Secure Gateway offers a high degree of deployment flexibility to adapt to your organization's unique messaging requirements. Two common deployment scenarios include:

  • Transparent E-mail Security with the Authentica Content Security Server: In this scenario, a third party content filtering engine quarantines messages to specific folders based on filtering policies (e.g., key terms, lexical analysis, sender/recipient address). Authentica Secure Gateway monitors the quarantined folders and automatically posts the content to the ACSS. The ACSS protects the message with a pre-defined security policy and delivers it to recipients.
  • Simplified Document Security: Authentica Secure Gateway can automatically protect any content placed in specific folders or directories on a shared file server. In this scenario, the Gateway is configured to monitor these folders or directories, protect the content and either move it to another directory or delivers it via e-mail or the ACSS.

Version: 4.0


December 30, 2002


Win 2000/XP

Interface languages:

Authentica, Inc.

Download Sites:

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