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dMSN Messenger


dMSN is a JAVA based Instant Messaging program for the MSN protocol. It's just like your normal MSN Messenger only with more functions and it shows you more usefull information like when someone has removed you from his or her list.

dMSN is a messaging program just like the normal MSN from Microsoft so it has the same functions like :

 - Add friends, collegues and familie to your contactlist.
 - See who is online.
 - Send messages.
 - Send files.
 - Make a conversation with several people at the same time.
 - Keep up-to-date with Microsoft Hotmail R messages and see when you receive a new message.
 - Sort users in you contactlist on their status
 - Check your MSN HotmailR Inbox without reentering your password.
 - But is dMSN Messenger then pure a clone or does it have more functions?

Well just check the list down here for the extras that the normal MSN doesn't have :

 - Auto message, if you are online, busy or whatever you can now always have an away message.
 - Auto log, always log your chats so you can read back everything that is said between you and your friends.
 - Chat log on monthly base.
 - See when someone closes the chat conversation window.
 - See when someone wants to start a conversation with you.
 - Be online with several MSN adresses at the same time.
 - Choose if the user on the other site can see if you are typing.
 - Extra smilies, see this page for the smilies.
 - Add new smilies yourself. (Also explained in this FAQ)
 - 1 program with more languages (Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian).
 - Login with your status on 'Invisible' or any other status you want.
 - Hide offline users.
 - You don't have to worry about those Messenger worms and virusses, they wont work on dMSN.
 - You can use the 'forbidden' words in your name so you could make the next sentence

Version: 1.3.3


April 8, 2003


Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Interface languages:



Download Sites:

  • User Opinions wrote:
    it tells you at the bottom of the chat log. the program is brilliant, well worth getting. beteter than msn, more reliable

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