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Msn Messenger Font Colors


MSN Messenger allow to select text color from the 16 colors list. Set any RGB color for text with this small program.


  • Select the color you want by moving the bars
  • Press Apply
  • Close your chat windows and re-open them.

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  • User Opinions
    Cathy Bown 5 stars July 9, 2005
    I want to add light purple font colors in MSN Messenger.
    kerri 1 stars July 5, 2005
    this website expecially the bit for choosing ur colours for msn messenger when it says move the bars to see wat colours yo uwant but there is no bars to move but if there is u cant see them
    no name 0 stars July 2, 2005
    other people are right this doesnt work
    Rosie 0 stars June 18, 2005
    It works on Windows Messenger but not Msn Messenger 7.0, sly.
    Carmell 1 stars March 8, 2005
    Both me and my sister tryed this and it does not work.
    gz 0 stars January 5, 2005
    dont waste your time this program does not work!
    psyd 0 stars June 16, 2004
    same thing with me! doesn't anyone answer these questions?!?!
    Jen 0 stars June 5, 2004
    I click apply, but it doesn't work, how do you do it?
    Megan 1 stars June 2, 2004
    I have msn messenger 6.1 and i downloaded 1.5 messenger font changer but when i press apply it doesn't change the color of my font...please help
    karen 0 stars May 31, 2004
    picked out the colour i want but it won't apply.please let me know how to use it
    shaz 1 stars April 29, 2004
    Nope - doesn't work
    Leah 1 stars April 22, 2004
    Hey, every1 this is a waste of time...dun download it...
    Vicki 1 stars April 18, 2004
    I can't get it to work :( When I've downloaded it I cant get the colours any way!
    hiba 4 stars February 4, 2004
    ppl! i found out how to download it finally!!! u choose wot site u wont to download the thing frum then it takes u to this pg and then u click on this link and ther it starts downloading! im a genius!!!
    Angelina 0 stars December 18, 2003
    I so agree .. this was a waste of time n it didnt even fkn work
    Sal 1 stars November 12, 2003
    This didn't even work, what a waste of time!
    ...... 0 stars November 9, 2003
    k.t 3 stars November 8, 2003
    i cant figure out how to use the font colours in the convos?
    Alex.. 3 stars September 27, 2003
    i cant figure out how to download the fonts...>:(
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