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WinDeveloper TNEF View


WinDeveloper TNEF View exposes the internals of TNEF (winmail.dat) encoded email messages.

Bodies, Attachments, Properties... - All TNEF encoded data is accessible through WinDeveloper TNEF View.

Rich View Support - A selection of viewer interfaces enabling data inspection through the most effective interface. This includes HEX View, Text View, RTF View, Metadata View and OLE Object View.

MS Outlook Not required - A MAPI client such as MS Outlook is not required for viewing TNEF.

Supports TNEF and MAPI messages - Both TNEF encoded mails (winmail.dat) and mails from MAPI stores (*.msg files) are supported.

Data Extraction - 'Save Data to Disk' enables the extraction of bodies, attachments and any other property to disk.

Decoding of RTF compressed bodies - Compressed RTF bodies are decoded for direct inspection through the RTF View.

Nested email attachments - 'Open Embedded Message' enables the opening of attachments containing a TNEF encoded email.

OLE attachments - OLE object attachments may be previewed and opened through the OLE View.

Version: 2.70


January 11, 2005

Shareware $68

Win NT/2000/XP

Interface languages:


WinDeveloper Software

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  • User Opinions
    Andreas wrote:
    Maybe the software is good. But: What is the evulation licence process? How does it work? I never received a key. When I which to evaluate a software, I'm not interessted in sending my email address somewhere; Sorry and greetings.

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