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WinDeveloper IMF Tune 6.0

Unleash the full power of the MS Exchange Intelligent Message Filter. IMF is bottled in an interface exposing minimal functionality. IMF Tune changes this, rendering it a full featured, commercial grade, anti-spam solution.

Author: WinDeveloper Software Ltd.   License: Commercial
07-17-12 289

GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 2010

The #1 server-based anti-spam solution for Exchange and SMTP servers. GFI MailEssentials uses multiple spam detection filters to capture 99% of spam, while minimizing false positives. Also adds various email management tools to your server.

Author: GFI   License: Shareware
05-13-10 497

Exchange Server Toolbox 3.1.1

Exchange Server plugin using technologies already well-established in SmartPOP2Exchange. Filter spam reliably with the approved SpamAssassin, use your favourite virus scanner for checking e-mail and backup all your mail.

Author: JAM Software GmbH   License: Shareware
11-05-09 173
GFI MailArchiver for Exchange 6.1

Email archiving, management and compliance solution for Exchange server that is easy to install and requires minimal administrative effort. Store all corporate email in an easily accessible central location.

Author: GFI   License: Shareware
05-21-09 191
VisNetic MailPermit 1.1

VisNetic MailPermit is a comprehensive new approach to spam prevention, combining SpamAssasin's advanced rules-based and Bayesian filtering technology with a proprietary challenge-response system to create a barrier between your business and spam.

Author:   License: Shareware
11-05-03 193
Elron Message Inspector

Elron Software's Message Inspector is a unique email filteringsoftware solution with anti-spam filters that allow your organizationto proactively manage, filter and, if necessary, block spam and otherunauthorized electronic communications.

Author: Elron Software, Inc.   License: Shareware
04-14-03 355





Found: 6    Displaying: 1-6 1 Next

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