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Elron Message Inspector


The Gold Standard in Email & Spam Filtering Software
Elron Software's Message Inspector is a unique email filtering software solution with anti-spam filters that allow your organization to proactively manage, filter and, if necessary, block spam and other unauthorized electronic communications. And, Message Inspector's flexibility allows you to precisely enforce your organization's unique email security policy with ease.

Comprehensive Email Security
Message Inspector helps protect your organization's sensitive and confidential data from accidental or intentional leaks. Plus with Message Inspector's powerful filtering capabilities, you can easily block spam to reduce network congestion and boost employee productivity. What's more, the precision of this email filtering software safeguards your organization from costly lawsuits brought on by offensive email messages.

Reduce Administrative Costs
By utilizing patent and patent-pending Full Text Analysis (FTA) technologies, Message Inspector surpasses simple keyword "string matching" by determining the actual context of the message. Because email and spam filtering is more accurate, you'll eliminate the need to manually verify flagged content.

Instant Email Security Out-of-the-Box
Message Inspector's email filtering software wizards help you to create email security rules within minutes. And pre-defined filters, including offensive language and anti-spam filters, allow you to immediately and easily enforce your organization's unique email security policy.

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