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Schedules4Team Create and share (synchronize) multiple group schedules (Calendars, Locations) and free/busy time in MS Outlook for better management.

This add-on tool for MS Outlook is based on functionality of electronic messaging (e-mail).

When you or your teammates add meetings (appointments) to Outlook Calendar, the program converts them into e-mail messages. MS Outlookc sends them out to your teammates. Upon receipt of these messages by Schedules4Team on their computers, the program converts them back into meetings (appointments) and places them into the Schedules4Team folder, where you can see it in regular Calendar View or specially designed TimeLine Grid.


  • Functionality: Share MS Outlook Calendar (appointments, meetings, all day events, locations), without a server (similar to Group Schedules in MS Outlook with server Free/Busy Time feature);
  • Easy to use and manage, no requirement of special skills: if you know how to work with MS Outlook, you will be able to work with Schedules4Team for MS Outlook using the skills that you have already developed. Share your data by adding objects to MS Outlook Calendar or Schedules4Team Folder in the manner you add Outlook objects (Appointments or Meetings) using "right-clicking" or MS Outlook toolbar menu.
  • Create, manage and sort out the view of multiple sharing groups: you can create any number of groups with separate agreement rules (Send or/and Receive), that correspond to your business purposes, such as managing projects between companies or different groups of people;
  • Sort Group Calendar information by Location (you can use this feature for your conference rooms or office planning), by Groups, by Members, or use any combinations of these filters;
  • Create meetings using standard technique with meeting requests (Accept, Decline);
  • Utilize special TimeLine with zoom feature sorted by members for effective navigation and easy creation of Appointments and meetings using "right-clicking";
  • Make use of Free/Busy time coloring and Meetings Labels;
  • Automatically synchronize data with your teammates by adjusting time intervals of the "Send and Receive" feature in MS Outlook, or using it manually to send all your updates to your teammates' computers for automatic data update;
  • Work offline or online: you can change any data in the Calendar and after that connect to the Internet or your company's network to synchronize it. Whether you work over the local network, dial-up Internet or over a dedicated line, you can use this product as an ideal instrument for remote companies and groups;
  • Private mark: mark your meetings or appointments as private and they will be seen by other members without description with free/busy time labels;
  • Outlook integration: All events recorded in Schedules4Team Folder automatically appear in Personal Calendar;
  • No server: all data is sent back and forth with the help of special e-mail messages automatically converted into Outlook objects (appointments, meetings...)
  • Examples of use: You can plan conference room and multiple offices, share family Calendar, Create intracompany Calendar or share calendar between Companies and different Groups:

Version: 1.3.23


July 7, 2003

Shareware $34,95

Win 2000/XP

Interface languages:


4Team Corporation

Download Sites:

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