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 // Advertise on offers you the possibility of the most target group focused promotion for your products. Subject-based organization of the archive into categories and subcategories allows providing the information for those user who are really interested in it.

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  • Visitors per month: 36 906
  • Hits per month: 100 889

    Site audience:
      Country Percentage
      United States 31.00%
      Australia 15.00%
      Canada 8.00%
      United Kingdom 7.00%
      Germany 4.00%
      Europe (other) 4.00%
      Netherlands 3.00%
      Other 28.00%

    Distribution of the program/download rate over the archive sections:

    We offer you the following promotion channels:

    1. Banners (example)

  • The Exchange section: 20$ / 1000 exposures
  • The Outlook section: 15$ / 1000 exposures
  • The Messenger section: 5$ / 1000 exposures
  • The Others section: 5$ / 1000 exposures
  • The main page: 5$ / 1000 exposures

    2. Featured block in any category page or main page and featured position in any subcategory page (example)

    Period Price
    3 days 20$
    7 days 50$
    14 days 130$
    30 days 200$

    We accept payment via credit cards through the eMetrix ( Inc) registration service using the following procedure: having discussed the desired promotion volume with us, you go to eMetrix. The MAPIStore Advertising Unit priced $10 will be offered to you. You are to pay for the number of unites which total price is equal to the promotion payment due. For example, if you buy promotion for $200, you are to pay for 20 MAPIStore Advertising Units. Then you submit your promo materials to us, and your campaign will be launched to increase the number of your users.

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